Movinghub UK integrates with Reapit App Marketplace

January 11th, 2021

Movinghub UK announces its latest integration with Reapit – the UK’s leading property software supplier of estate agency CRM solutions. Movinghub is a globally recognised utility connections and home services software solution currently servicing the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. 

Movinghub brings 10 years of innovation to the table and provides Reapit customers with their latest technology release, The Hub; all accessible within Reapit’s new Foundations App Marketplace.

Movinghub’s market-leading solution empowers property industry professionals to create their own utility connections and home services business that operates completely under their own brand. With Movinghub, estate agencies can assist homeowners and tenants to easily organise a vast range of home services and connect utilities either online or via Movinghub’s Movologist® concierge team. Movinghub makes life easier for homeowners, tenants and agencies alike. 

The integration with Reapit provides estate agents with the same software capability as if they were signing up with Movinghub directly. 

They will be able to create their own white-label solution, track and manage commissions, connect their agents to track their own referrals and track the customers’ progress and services they have arranged. The process to import referrals directly to Movinghub when the tenancy has been created, or when an offer has been accepted is seamless for any estate agent. The Movinghub App gives the power to the agent, their tenants and homebuyers to use the solution, extending the agency’s reach and earnings potential.

The service offering doesn’t have to end when the client is moving, the Movinghub solution is open for customers to access throughout their entire homeownership or rental journey, enabling agencies to remain relevant and front of mind with their clients.

When asked about the decision to choose to partner with Reapit,  Movinghub UK General Manager Adam Bray said, “Selecting to partner with Reapit, within their new Foundations Developer Portal and App Marketplace, is the correct choice for Movinghub. Movinghub UK is on an exciting growth journey mirroring our global footprint. This integration with Reapit allows multiple estate agents within the UK property sector the use of our advanced PropTech solution and for their customers to gain a premium concierge service when moving to a new home.”

Movinghub Chief Operations Officer Alex Dobbs has been heavily involved in the delivery of the solution, he added “The integration of Movinghub with Reapit’s new Foundations App Marketplace has been exciting for us all. The opportunity to embed the Movinghub solution within Reapit will provide estate and lettings agents fingertip access to a worldwide, refined, multi-product connecting solution for their clients moving home. Built using Reapit’s developer building blocks, the freedom is there to create a concierge brand in minutes as an extension of any business while generating a new revenue stream.”

Matthew Goddard, Reapit’s Partnerships Director, said: “Reapit is delighted to have Movinghub as an Early Adopter Partner in the Foundations App Marketplace. Now Reapit customers can install Movinghub’s advanced concierge offering and use it seamlessly within their Agency Cloud CRM.”

Reapit offers more than 20 years of innovation to the property market, the award-winning Agency Cloud and Property Cloud solutions provide everything estate agents need to run and grow their businesses, from sales and lettings to property management, front office to back office and everything in-between.

Movinghub is a rapidly growing PropTech company that has now moved over one million customers and counting. Since establishment in 2010, Movinghub has completely transformed to empower thousands of businesses worldwide to add value to their customer proposition and climb above their competition by developing a brand that is known for its outstanding partner and consumer experience. Movinghub has revolutionised the difficult moving home process and the way consumers access home services by providing technology that enables businesses to effortlessly offer a wide variety of essential services. These services can be conveniently arranged online, with Movinghub’s Movologist concierge service or a partner can use their own customer service agents.

Movinghub now works with over 8000 partners globally and are soon to offer more than home services and utility connections with two new software products, Tenant Referencing and Inspections, being released early in 2021, this will provide further convenience and efficiencies to Movinghub partners and their customers. For more information please visit

About Reapit

Founded in 1997, The Reapit Group is a CRM and Client Accounting software provider specialising in the residential real estate sector. Bringing 20 years of innovation to the property market, their award-winning software provides everything estate agents need to run and grow their businesses, from sales to lettings, front office to back office and everything in between. Reapit’s Agency Cloud and Property Cloud software products include the Sales and Lettings CRM, Property Management and Client Accounts; supported with powerful Analytics and Online solutions. The driving force behind Reapit’s ethos is a commitment to bring all an agency’s data together for a single customer view, and together with its powerful service and training model, the company has helped to grow leading brands. The Reapit open platform partner program is at the hub of a PropTech ecosystem delivering tested solutions and increasing choice of tools for agents. Together, the group provides software solutions to thousands of users worldwide, managing nearly 180,000 tenancies across more than 4,500 offices throughout the UK and Australia. For more information, please visit